Control Room







Aborted  (Century Media)
The Alice Project
(Clown Milk)
A Life Once Lost (Ferret)
Allister (Drive-Thru)
All Out War (Victory)
Alove for Enemies
Arson (Rsurection A. D.)
Atomic Bitchwax (Meteor City)
Atreyu (Victory)
Attacker (Sentinel Steel)
Axe Hammer (Sentinel)
Jim Babjak (Smithereens)
The Banner (Ferret)
Big Stick
Black Dahlia Murder (Metalblade)
Black Nasa (Meteor City)
Blessing The Hogs (Goodfellow)
Boss Jim Gettys (Childlike)
Bouncing Souls (Chunksaah)
Bully (Underdog )
Buried Alive (Victory)
Burnt By The Sun (Relapse)
Glen Burtnick (Styx)
Buzzkill (Alternative Tentacles)
By the Grace of God (Victory)
Cataract (Ferret)
Catch 22 (Victory)
Cause for Alarm (Victory)
CORE (Teepee)
The Cyns
Dalek (Ipecac Recordings)
the dambrots (Bartleby Productions)
Cyndi Dawson
Deadguy (Victory)
Dead to Fall (Victory)
Demolition Hammer (Century Media)
Dillinger Escape Plan (Relapse)
Don The Reader  (Deathcote Records)
Mila Drumke (Little Pro)
Electric Frankenstein (Victory)
Ensign (Nitro)
E-Town Concrete (Resurection A. D.)
Every Time I Die (Ferret Music)
Exhibition (LMP)
Ex Number Five (Ferret)
Feral King
The Figgs
The Fins (MAS Productions/Hep Cat)
Floorpunch (Equal Vision)
For The Love Of (Ferret)
Genocide  (ind.)
God Forbid
(Century Media)
Godspeed (Atlantic)
Gothic Knights (LMP)
Hatebreed (Victory)
The Heist
High Noon (Righteous M.O.B. Ent.)
The Holy Goats (Grooveyard)
How It Ends (Thorp)
Human Remains (Relapse)
Dave Irvine
Jake Lear
Jesus Wept
Juggling Suns
Jumpin' Jack (Back Bender)
Jump Time (Back Bender)

C. 2012 Trax East Recording Studio

Kid Dynamite (JadeTree)
Killed The Fixation
Latex Generation (Onefoot)
Legend Maker (Sentinel)
Lily Riche
xLooking Fowardx (Facedown)
Lord Sterling (Rubric)
Lovecraft (Big One)
Love in Reverse (Reprise)
Lucy Brown (Atlantic)
Lye by Mistake (United Edge)
Manilla Road (Sentinel)
Mindfunk (Megaforce)
Misfits (Geffen)
M.O.D. (Megaforce)
Municipal Waste (Nuclear Blast Records)
Murder League Allstars
New Machine (Aeria)
No Innocent Victim
NORA (Trustkill)
Nudeswirl (Megaforce)
Onward (Century)
OS-101 (Victory)
Overlorde (Sonic Age)
Graham Parker (Razor & Tie)
Pat Ruh
Patti Smith Group (Arista)
A Perfect Murder (Victory)
PH-101 (Saturdays Child Music)
Phantom's Opera (JVC/Victor)
The Pushstars (Imago)
The Roost (RPT)
Rhythmic Revolution (Rocketbomb)
Rhythm Trip (IRS)

Sacred Rite (Sentinel Steel)
Saves The Day (Equal Vision)
Scarlet (Ferret Music)
Seething Grey (Sinclair)
Senses Fail (Drive-Thru)
Set It Free
Shades Apart (Revelation)
Shai Hulud  (Metal Blade)
Eryn Shewell
Sinai Beach (Victory)
Skid Row (Atlantic)
Small 23 (Alias)
Snapcase (Victory)
Solace (Meteor City)
Solar Circus (Relix)
Sonny Sixkiller (Vital Cog)
Spider Rockets  (ind.)
Spitfire (Goodfellowl)
The Starting Line
Strength In Numbers (Wemake)
Super 400 (Island)
Symphony In Peril (Facedown)
Symphony-X (EMI/Metal Blade)

The Tenth Circle (Bled Out)
Top Soil
Trash Mavericks
Turmoil (Century Media)
Twelve Tribes (Ferret)
Vision (Epitaph)
War Of Ages  (Facedown)
Wretched (Victory)
Wykked Wytch  (Perish Music)

Zao (Ferret)